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Tanjavur is one of the ancient cities of India in the Southern State of Tamil Nadu. The prosperous agrarian city was ruled by various dynasties like Cholas (850-1279 AD), Pandyas (1279-1311AD), Vijayanagaras (1535AD), Madurai Nayaks, Tanjavur Nayaks, Marathas (1674AD) and later the British Colonists (1799 AD). Historically, an important centre of art, architecture, culture and spirituality, most of the UNESCO World Heritage Monuments - great Living Chola temples - are located in and around Tanjavur.

Tanjavur rose to prominence as a Chola capital in 850 AD and the finest specimen of Temple architecture, Brihadeeswarar temple stands majestic, built in the first decade of the eleventh century. The Famous Saraswati Mahal Library, housing over 30000 Indian and European manuscripts, the Palace and prominent temples proximal to Tanjavur make it an ideal spot to explore Thiruvaiyaru, Srirangam, Kumbakonam - the region which is the confluence of the arts.

Home of the famous Tanjavur style of Bharatanatyam, India's predominant classical dance form, Tanjavur also witnessed the codification of Carnatic Music and the evolution of the famous Cire Perdue or lost wax sculpture technique of Chola Bronzes. Tanjavur offers a rich legacy and the ultimate experience of the fine arts of India.

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