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Thanjavur is one of the ancient cities of India in the Southern State of Tamil Nadu. The prosperous agrarian city was ruled by various dynasties like Cholas (850-1279 AD), Pandyas (1279-1311 AD), Vijayanagaras (1535 AD), Madurai Nayaks, Thanjavur Nayaks, Marathas (1674 AD) and later the British Colonists (1799 AD). Historically, an important centre of art, architecture, culture and spirituality, most of the UNESCO World Heritage Monuments – great Living Chola temples – are located in and around Thanjavur.

Thanjavur rose to prominence as a Chola capital in 850 AD and the finest specimen of Temple architecture, Brihadeeswarar temple stands majestic, built in the first decade of the eleventh century. The Famous Saraswati Mahal Library, housing over 30000 Indian and European manuscripts, the Palace and prominent temples proximal to Thanjavur make it an ideal spot to explore Thiruvaiyaru, Srirangam, Kumbakonam – the region which is the confluence of the arts.

Home of the famous Thanjavur style of Bharatanatyam, India’s predominant classical dance form, Thanjavur also witnessed the codification of Carnatic Music and the evolution of the famous Cire Perdue or lost wax sculpture technique of Chola Bronzes. Thanjavur offers a rich legacy and the ultimate experience of the fine arts of India.

Facilities: 34 Luxury Rooms | Spa | Sound Spa | Pool | Yoga Deck | Restaurant serving wholesome, organic, vegetarian food | Laundry | Concierge Services

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SVATMA mayavaram

Set in the idyllic village of Asikkadu is our brand new centre of holistic wellness, Svatma Ramnivas Mayavaram. In our busy lives, it is important to alter both physical and emotional attributes to draw energy and wellness from nature. It is well known that good health is best achieved in consonance with nature. Svatma Ramnivas is an oasis of calm surrounded by lush greenery and organic farms. Our guests enjoy holistic wellness and healing through methods used in Siddha – the ancient system of medicine and healing. This process and practice is designed to encourage self-healing during and well beyond their stay at Svatma Ramnivas.

Facilities: 23 Luxury Rooms | Spa | Sound Spa | Pool | Yoga Deck | Restaurant serving wholesome, organic, vegetarian food | Laundry | Concierge Services

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Nestled in Heritage Town district, Svatma_Pondicherry offers accommodation 15Minutes by foot from Botanical Garden, the property is set near Sri Aurobindo Ashram Pondicherry.

The Luxury Boutique hotel lies 15 minutes’ walk from Groubert Avenue. You can also visit the scenic Rock Beach, which is a 15 minute walk away.

Welcoming guests to ambience steeped in History areas, the dining, lounges are being extraordinary noveac chic aesthetics. Rooms will reflect the bespoke design trends of the best experiences in the travel industry. The restaurant in the property will serve unique Vegetarian & Vegan in the high quality cuisine of the region. Plant protein & meat replacement are available for the latest trends in the World.

Facilities: 20 Luxury Rooms | Spa | Sound Spa | Pool | Yoga Deck | Restaurant serving wholesome, organic, vegetarian food | Laundry | Concierge Services

The Svatma

The SVATMA experience is designed as a voyage of discovery of the mind indulging in the luxury of leisure, dabbling with the arts, in a beautiful home environment. At every spot, SVATMA has a personality and there are unique spots to match every mood of every person.

A feel of rich fullness and wholesomeness is what you experience in all the comforts provided under one roof. The SVATMA is all about self-surrender to the abundant charms of ancient Tamil Nadu – its arts, architecture culinary heritage and culture.

Stay @ Svatma

At Svatma, the residency becomes a journey in itself – a voyage of discovery of the self – an ethereal immersion in the arts suspended in time. The spaces are envisioned in a manner most unique to private rooms within a large elegant family home.

There are verandas, hallways, lounges and spaces to congregate for the sociable and nooks, bowers and secluded corners for those wanting to retreat. Every spot has personality and there is a spot to match every mood of every soul.

“Expect to experience an epiphany at Svatma and return refreshed”

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The culinary expertise of home style pure vegetarian cooking is brought to the guest as an art form. The restaurant Aaharam is an all-day fine food restaurant with a traditional display kitchen that overlooks the pool. It has a unique menu – an exploration of Tamil cuisine available a la carte in an exclusive bouquet of plated mini meals.

Ideal for health conscious foodies wanting to explore the flavours of the region, the ingredients are organic and carefully prepared by trained specialist chefs.

‘An Amazing Stay!

“An overwhelming entrance and an amazing stay! We entered the hotel Svatma after a long day in a car. I have been traveling in Asia, Europe & America and stayed at a lot of hotels, but I have never been met and taken care of in such an overwhelming amazing way.”

Every detail at Svatma shows care, thought, and good taste

“The finest hotel at which we stayed in southern India. A beautiful heritage property; well-appointed and well-designed rooms; excellent coffee and crisp, flavourful dosas, perfectly ripe fruit (including mangoes!); kind and highly attentive staff; a cool pool; a walkable neighbourhood beyond the gate. Every detail at Svatma shows care, thought, and good taste. Highly recommended.”

A World inside the World

“When I say you should stay here once, you definitely should. This place is so serene and relaxing, it’s just exquisite. This place can surely be stated as a “A World inside the World.” The property, even being a Heritage one, is well maintained, orderly, beautiful and innovative. This is one of those places that can give big hotel chains here in India a serious run for their money.”

Svatma was one of the places that just blew me away

“Svatma was one of the places that just blew me away. From the moment I entered the hotel, I felt like a queen. The welcome from the management and staff was exceptional. The rooms were spacious and very well designed. The massages are a must. Svatma staff know how to make you feel relaxed.”

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Arogyam the Gym and Yoga centre is staffed with experienced tutors who can guide the body to a path of fitness using traditional asanas and simple meditative practices. Soukyam, the luxury spa has four private full body massage/treatment rooms as well as a relaxation area for foot and shoulder massages.

The staff are trained therapists attuned to luxury travellers requiring customised treatment plans under expert advice by a wellness consultant. Long stay wellness packages are tailor made to suit guests on request.