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Whether they were with our team days or many years, we appreciated them all a similar

Whether they were with our team days or many years, we appreciated them all a similar

18 Professionals Holly Flood The month of january Flowe Frank and Virginia Fortenese Dorothy Frey Ana Gagliardi Janice Gang Ana Garcia Alexa and you may Draw Geyer Julie Giannini Katherine Gjersoe Jack Goggin Sonia Goldberg Cent Goss Suzette Gregorich Marilyn Griffin Margaret Gruna Jessica Hadfield Barbara Hafley Gwendolyn Hager Margaret Halterman Karen and Thomas Hansen Carole and Ralph Hardesty Sarjon Hawil Bernadette Heller Marcella Helmke Dagmar Higgins Gina Hubberts Ingrid Hultgren Henry Hummel Helen Iwanski James and you can Barbara Jacoby Leonard Jacquard Laura Janowski Chloe and you can Robert mrath Sheryl Kanter Hilda Karam Dorothy Karmowski Sandra Kay Hampton Patricia Kertz Debra Kilgore Charlene Kirschsieper Sophistication and you can Robert Kirtley Sarah Kissell-Schulte Beat Klaisner Donna Korczyk es Smith Randy Kruger Sylvia Kruger Aneta Krzywosz Mary and you can Draw Kubesch Maggie Kubicz Theodore Kuhn John Kurtz Rodney and you can K. All the cat exactly who goes through our doorways is thank you for visiting remain as long as it requires to find the best domestic even if that means it lso are with our team the whole lifestyle. Macie Seastar Marzipan Seastar Tante Paula Netscape Margarite Happy Moses Malone Pizza Group Floo Powder People off Fatima Feliz Ann Margrock Swoose Synthpop Butterbeer Queen Solomon Castiel Neenah Ironworks Shangy Angy Mama Cass Al 18

Some of the following cats spent years with us; other people found its way to including terrible health otherwise having such as for example major wounds http://datingranking.net/fr/rencontres-little-people that we are able to manage is humanely stop their distress

19 Member Images Oreo Charmaine Black Panzer Devi Book Pinky Puck Andrea Labels Sunny Michelle Bratton Pipi Jaimie Briefman Miss Dear Joyce Hamburger Infant Pam Butler Coco es Castelli Greyson Kristen Chalupa Percy, Athena Katniss Matt Lisa Mouth Asia Capt.

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