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The Svatma experience is designed as a voyage to discover the mind. Experience this magical journey by indulging in the luxury of leisure while dabbling with arts in a beautiful home environment. With unique spots to match your every mood, Svatma flaunts a regal personality. Feel the rich fullness and comfort coupled with warm hospitality the native way. SVATMA is about self-surrender to the abundant charms of ancient Tamil Nadu – its arts, architecture, culinary heritage and culture. With eight different Svatma experience modules, we offer exclusive packages for long-stay guests on request.


You would not want to miss the special chamber concerts at Svatma! Enjoy the Carnatic music concert by a small ensemble of musicians. Experience the harmony of melodies from the violin, mridangam and the tambura. Come and participate in the musical discussions & enjoy this unique music experience.


Svatma takes you to the master crafts men who demonstrate the making of handmade jewellery as well as the Tanjavur style of painting. The painting is made by gilded and gem-set technique – where gold leaves & sparkling stones are used to highlight certain aspects of the painting like ornaments, dresses etc.


Watch the mesmerizing process of Bronze Sculpting. Thanjavur is the cradle of this ancient art form and the skill has simply transcended generations of sculptors. Watch cire purdue live in action from casting to the sculpture taking its final form. 


Listen to Vedic discourses at Svatma. It has the unique ability to calm your mind and purify the soul. The chanting has you experience a divine vibration that resonates in every corner of Svatma. The priest engage our guests by explaining the meaning and purpose of these ancient scriptures. 


Take a culinary cultural trip to Tamilian cuisine to expand your palate. You are invited to the special guest experience kitchen at Svatma, where you can learn the authentic techniques and recipes. The flavours & textures are sublime and preparations are simplified by our chefs for guests to learn.


Bharatanatyam is unique in the self expression or abhinaya and the pure dance or nrutta these comes together in the finest form of codified classicism in the Tanjavur style. The experience curated will be insightful with some highly interesting & informative lecture demonstrations by proficient dancers at Svatma and help you know more about Tanjavur style of Bharatnatyam.


There are academic experts at Svatma to guide you on these subjects, with visits to these ancient monuments. Guests will leave feeling enriched and fulfilled and just a little bit wiser about the  fascinating aspect of temple architecture, Tamil history & Temple History.


Unwind yourself, for a unique session with these expert handloom weavers to understand the step by step technique of weaving .Return to Svatma and get a photo of yourself draped in the traditional garment the SAREE…. see if you can get the Indian look!