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Thanjavur, the heart of Indian music and classical dance is where the Indian ‘Veena’ instrument was born and made. The number of ‘frets’ or strings of the Veena, equals that of the human vertebrae and when the instrument is played, each note stirs a physical and emotive connection. At Svatma, we enhance this sensation one step further by utilising the findings of current research, which shows that sound healing synchronises brain waves to achieve a profound state of relaxation and helps to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of the cells in one’s body.

The Swaram sound bed Nidra Anantar– a massage table, has been orchestrated to have 50 strings carefully tuned and stretched underneath. A skilled therapist uses a resonator to create vibrations, which nurtures the emotional – physical system. The session will create a deep harmonising effect of pure sound and a deep state of relaxation.

Soukyam –
The Spa

Soukyam in Tamil literally translates to ‘Good Health’. Our spa offers holistic treatments, baths and beauty therapies that borrow wisdom from aspects of Siddha. This native Dravidian science dates back centuries and is said to have its roots in divine Indian mythology.  A wealth of traditional knowledge and ancient healing techniques, have been specifically curated to offer a world-class contemporary spa experience at Soukyam, which use safe, gentle and organic ingredients. 

Experts have designed rituals that fulfill personal goals; right from lifestyle transformations to a personalised daily itinerary, from therapeutic massages to traditional modes of toxic elimination. Soukyam is surrounded by wellness cuisine, daily guided meditation and yoga, nutrition guidance, music performances, herbs and gardens that create an overall experience of wellbeing. 

Arogyam –
The Gym & Yoga Centre

Arogyam the Gym and Yoga centre is staffed with experienced tutors who can guide the body to a path of fitness using traditional asanas and simple meditative practices. The staff are trained therapists attuned to luxury travellers requiring customised treatment plans under expert advice by a wellness consultant.

Long stay wellness packages are tailor made to suit guests on request. The Hotel also houses a swimming pool fitted with jacuzzi and lounges for relaxation.